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  • In today’s business environment, owners may choose from several project delivery methods to procure contract services. Whether traditional design-bid-build, design-build, or public-private partnerships, JMT provides the services you need.

    At JMT we are familiar with all procurement procedures, having participated with numerous contractors on most methods employed by owners, 包括设计、, one-step low bid, two-step low bid, two-step best value, and stipulated sum competitions. We routinely develop plans and alternative technical concepts for projects that result in a competitive advantage being provided to our contractor partners. JMT has a documented reputation for the development of innovative solutions for our projects, on time and within budget. We have been involved in projects that have included a variety of project delivery methods for our clients including many mega-projects.


    The design-build approach to project delivery has become a prevalent practice with most owners in recent years. The primary intended benefits over design-bid-build project delivery are to minimize the owner’s risks and to condense the delivery schedule by overlapping the project’s design and construction phases.

    JMT believes that the key to a successful design-build project is the establishment of a strong working relationship with the contractor. Working as partners with the contractor, we provide:

    • Innovative and constructible solutions that meet the project requirements, allowing the earliest initiation of construction
    • Minimal disruptions to existing traffic, local businesses, and communities
    • Maintenance of traffic services that promote a safe project for workers and the traveling public
    • A project that will achieve or exceed environmental and permit commitments
    • A high-quality, aesthetic, durable, and maintainable facility
    • Proactive public relations programs to ensure strong communication with all stakeholders

    JMT leverages our thorough understanding of project development, environmental, and permit processes to eliminate impediments to getting the project under construction while minimizing risk to all involved. Using the Design-Build project delivery method, JMT’s qualified key and support staff have managed, planned, designed, and provided construction management, including quality assurance and quality control, inspections, and material testing services for many major projects. JMT staff can also support clients as the owner’s representative during Design-Build projects performed by others.

    JMT is an Industry Partner and proud member of the Design-Build Institute of America.

    Public-Private Partnerships

    A public-private partnership (PPP) is a funding model for public infrastructure projects. Public funding resources are limited, and government clients often struggle to keep pace with the needs of their infrastructure improvements. The PPP model provides a valuable mechanism to infrastructure owners as a method that will allow them to continue making improvements to the nation’s infrastructure.

    In a PPP, the public partner is represented by the government at a local, state, and/or national level. The private partner can be a privately-owned business, public corporation, or consortium of business entities with a specific area of expertise. The Federal Highway Administration encourages the use of public-private partnerships in the development of transportation improvements.

    JMT also encourages the use of PPPs and provides the requisite professional design services that ensure innovation, imagination, efficiency, and ingenuity, which are considered when addressing complex transportation problems. These attributes are paramount to creating long lasting and efficient PPP projects that generate the anticipated revenue while minimizing maintenance requirements.